Open air gym

At our center, we offer open air gym space with various functional equipment. You have at your
disposition 7 olympic barbells, kettlebells from 4 to 28kg, dumbells from 2 to 20kg, 2 squat
racks, a bench, slam balls up to 30kg, 2 concept2 rowers, 1 concept2 bikeerg, more than 600kg
of plates, jump ropes, trx, climbing rope, etc. Moreover, you always have a possibility to ask our
coaches for help or for individual programs. We highly recommend that you try this unique
opportunity to train in the open air with all the equipment that you need for a quality training.

Street workout park

At our center, you can enjoy our street workout park equipped with the best available street
workout bars – the Kenguru Pro. You can always train for free and enjoy different kinds (i.e.
monkey bar, parallel bar) and heights of the bars that are most suitable for your trainings. Also,
there is available a pole dance bar and balance boards of different difficulty levels. We highly
recommend that you try this street workout park equipped with top-quality bars.

Parkour park

At our center, you can enjoy the only parkour park in Croatia. It is connected with our street
workout park which is a great opportunity for parkour lovers to enjoy various bars, as well as
the usual parkour gear that is at their disposal in our parkour park. You have a unique
opportunity to try and train parkour in our center.

Agility and explosiveness zone

At our center, you have a unique opportunity to try the agility and explosiveness zone. It
includes balance boards of various difficulty levels and jumping poles of various heights.

Club zone

Relax and leisure zone is also an important part of our center. We have a canteen and our
center’s relax part where you can take your seat and enjoy a cup of coffee and/or a healthy
shake and snack, while enjoying our beautiful view on the sea and other nearby islands.

The shop

At our center, you can buy shirts with our logo, caps, bottles and bidons, supplements of our
sponsors, sport equipment and other cool stuff. Be sure to check that out.
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