Activity Saturdays – organized workshops and trainings
Every Saturday we organize various workshops with different and interesting topics, followed by short and spicy workouts. Workshop topics range from learning new techniques either with a barbell (bench press, deadlifts, squats, cleans, snatches, etc.) or a kettlebell (swings, Turkish getup, etc.), recovery techniques and training methods. After every workshop we organize a small gathering that serves as an opportunity to get to know each other more and have fun.
Activity fitness camp
Activity fitness camp is a big event organized once a year at our open-air gym. Event lasts for a whole weekend and hosts different renown experts from the field of fitness. Everybody is encouraged to book a spot for our yearly fitness event where you can learn about training methods, new techniques, importance of social media for fitness industry, recovery methods, etc. Beside the learning part of the camp, there is also a training part of the camp where you can try different training styles depending on the interest (i.e., crossfit, powerlifting,
bodybuilding, etc.). One of the most important part of the camp is the fun part! Camp includes boat tours and a lot of fun on our daily parties.
Freediving workshops, events, and competitions
At our center, there are organized various workshops where you can learn how to free dive and hold your breath for long periods of time under the supervision of renown experts in the field. Moreover, there are organized big events and competitions in free diving. Competitors come from all over the world to compete and even world records are broken (most notably: Alexey
Molchanov’s world record at the 2020 Freediving Adriatic Trophy competition). We recommend that you do not miss the opportunity to see the world’s best athletes competing at our center.
Freediving Adriatic Trophy:
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Parkour Jam
Parkour Jam is a yearly event hosted on our center. Event lasts for the whole weekend and it includes various workshops and parkour exhibitions. At this event, you have a unique opportunity to see parkour experts from our country, as well as from other nations. We recommend that you check out this amazing event.
Parkour camp
Parkour camp is a yearly camp organized for kids. It is a camp that is organized in cooperation with local partner clubs and centers. Camp lasts whole week and includes trainings, meals, trips, and lots of fun. We recommend this camp for kids that want to learn basic movement patterns and skills, while creating new friendships and experiences.
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