Meet the Team

Learn something more about our team! Each of our coaches have their unique qualities and areas of expertise. Read more about them and meet them at our center. Train with them and learn some new fitness skills!

Ivana Host

Ivana graduated psychology from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Rijeka and, graduated as a strength and conditioning coach for professional athletes from the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb. In her younger days, she was actively involved in Synchronized/Artistic swimming in Rijeka as a competitor and a member of national team, as well as a coach in herlater days. During her university studies she became interested in the world of fitness. She became a certified Les Mills instructor where she teaches Body attack and Body balance classes.Ivana has years of experience in coaching various strength and conditioning classes and individual trainings, both for professional athletes and amateurs. She joined our team 2 years ago and coaches Les Mills programs and various other classes, like Yoga and Pilates, Core and Glute and HIIT/Cardio. Ivana has her own YouTube channel where she promotes mental and physical health through mobility flows, strength exercises, stretches, and breathing and mediation techniques. She is passionate about all water activities and hiking and climbing  adventures. Ivana aims to promote healthy lifestyle through development of mental and physical health by teaching Pilates, Yoga, and strength and conditioning classes. If you want to shape your body, get yourself in a healthy mental and physical health, make sure to ask Ivana for advice, and/or book her individual trainings or visit her group classes.

Danijel Došen

Danijel graduated from the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb. He is a coach in strength and conditioning. From his younger days, he is involved in sport of basketball where he stills actively play. In high school, he became interested in the world of fitness. Specifically, in the general physical preparedness, focusing on strength and conditioning. Danijel works at the Universal sport school in Zagreb where he teaches young kids basic movement patterns and sports. He
also works as a swimming coach for youngsters. He is involved at our center from the very beginning (2017) and works as an individual and group coach, while also teaching various topics in our workshops. Danijel has experience in teaching PE in high school, as well as in primary school. He likes to challenge himself in swimming (swam from Krk to Cres!), running (ran a half- marathon) and powerlifting (lifting tons of kilos in deadlift, bench press, and squat). If you are interested in the field of strength and conditioning, swimming, or basketball, feel free to book Danijel for individual trainings or ask him for advice.

Vito  Balorda

Vito is a professor of philosophy and history with interests in sports. He is a certified fitness instructor specialized in strength and conditioning programs. In his young age, he started his sport career in karate and eventually became a karate master holding 2 nd degree black belt. In high school and throughout college, he became interested in fitness world and started exercising in the gym, while also giving classes to young karatekas at his karate club. Last 5 years he coaches group classes and individuals both in functional fitness and karate. He is involved in the Activity center Krk project from the very beginning (2017) by coaching various group classes and individuals in strength and conditioning programs, and last 2 years particularly in Crossfit (advanced classes). Last 2 years, his passion is Crossfit in which he is competing at local and national competitions and improving himself in seminars on weightlifting and movement techniques. He is a strong believer in quality warm-ups, cool- downs, and recovery techniques, so that each individual can give his best when the training comes. If you want to learn more about strength and conditioning, Crossfit method, weightlifting, karate, and self-defense, visit his group classes, workshops, and/or book him for individual classes at our center.

Igor Hrast

Igor is a founder and manager of the Activity center Krk. He graduated from the Faculty of Kinesiology as a coach and from the Croatian Olympic Federation and Judo Federation as a Judo coach. Also, he graduated international business and is a master (MBA) in finance. He works in the City of Krk as a project manager. He is also secretary and coach of the Judo club Krk. He trains judo from his early days where he found a lot of success as a competitor and later as a coach. Throughout his life he also trained various other sports. Igor enjoys extreme sports and
loves to drive all kinds of boards (skateboards, longboards, snowboards, etc.). He also likes martial arts and fitness. He plans to design and create more parks and organizations like Activity center and make Krk a specific sport tourism orientated city. He loves to organize big and small sport events, amongst others: Activity fitness camps, Parkour jams and camps, freediving events and competitions, most notable Freediving Adriatic Depth Trophy 2020. If you want to learn more about martial arts, strength and conditioning and any sort of boarding, as well as
any sort of organizing stuff, feel free to ask Igor for advice.

Valentina Krajinović

Valentina graduated from the Faculty of Kinesiology in Split, with specialization in strength and conditioning of professional athletes. In her younger days, she was actively involved in basketball, and a member of the national basketball team. She is currently running the School of Sports "Zvrk", that aims to properly develop children (preschool and early school age) by providing them basic sport and movement knowledge. During high school, Valentina became interested in fitness, and through college, various educations and seminars, she gained knowledge about using various props in training such as kettlebell, barbell and trx. She tries to transfer her knowledge of fitness to athletes that she works with. As a coach, Valentina is primarily dedicated to the health of the athletes, as well as to educate them, so that in the end they would be independent and they would know how to exercise on their own, without injuries. She pays a lot of attention to the correct technique of performing exercises, corrective exercises, and mobility exercises, in order to be ready for training and get the most out of it. She will be happy to share her knowledge and experience with athletes who decide to visit our center, so make sure to book individuals training or visit her group classes.
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