From 15th June 2020 to 15th September 2020 we prepared 7 different group classes for you! In the mornings, you can choose between different yoga classes - Yoga & Pilates class coached by Ivana Host or
Surya Yoga class coached by Svjetlana Surya. In the afternoon there are several different group classes suitable for your every need. We offer two different cross (functional) style of trainings – Cross basic
group coached by Valentina Krajinović, and Cross advanced group coached by Vito Balorda. Moreover, we offer Core & glute group class and HIIT/Cardio group class, both coached by Ivana Host. You can also
choose to relax yourself in the evening by doing Body & Mind group class which is designed to stretch and calm you down. This class is coached by Ivana Host and Vito Balorda. On Saturdays we offer an
activity day in which you can learn some new skills in the functional fitness realm, and you can also enjoy our special training of the day. If you do not like the group class, you can opt for an open gym style
of training or choose an individual coach (go to the page about our team to see which coach suits you the most). Enjoy the 2020 summer season with us!
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